Starting In the Middle



I know this seems really odd that I am down 42 pounds and just now starting a blog to assist in my weight loss journey, but it’s what I need right now to keep me going strong!! I started this journey in January. In November I had lost my job at a local car dealership, and began working at my place of employment from high school… a fast food business. 

This was a life changing experience for my health. I was working as many hours as I could to make ends meet. I was eating at work, because we don’t get a break where we can leave the store. Also, I was so exhausted all the time that I wasn’t cooking the best meals for my husband and I. It made me very sick, and I ignored the problems for the next month or so.

I saw my doctor and she told me that I was probably experiencing some sensitivities to food. The problem was that I had no health insurance, and the tests to find out what I was sensitive to were very expensive. She gave me some pointers and I was able to get my digestion somewhat on track by the first of the year (2013). I still needed to know more!!

There is a business in my town that does nutritional healing, and I made an appointment to see them. The prices were WAY more reasonable that at the clinic!! After my initial consultation the nutritionist informed me that I was sensitive to eggs, cheese, and refined sugar. I cut those things out immediately. A few weeks down the road my system started to reject gluten, so I also cut that out.

That is the basis of what I started this journey on. It wasn’t easy, but it has helped me in way more ways than just weight loss. My program is going very well, but I want to lose about 80 more pounds to put me in my “healthy” range. This is why I have started this blog after already having success with my weight loss!! I needed a change of pace to keep me going strong, and maybe some support from an online community wouldn’t hurt either 🙂


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