To weigh or not to weigh… That is the Question!!

Today is Weigh-In Wednesday. That is what I have been calling it for the last several months. It’s a weekly event that was created by my all time favorite blogger, Roni!! This is the day of the week where she, myself and others weighs ourselves (as if that wasn’t already clear) 🙂

Myself… I am struggling with one thing about weighing in weekly. I feel the need to weigh myself every. single. day. This can be helpful (in my head) and detrimental all at the same time.

I feel like weighing myself daily may be what keeps me in check everyday. I think that maybe if I don’t see progress everyday it will keep me from going overboard when I am faced with a temptation. That is SO not the case though!! By the time a temptation comes around I can guarantee that I am not thinking about that number on the scale at a moments notice.

Also, I can tell when the scale will show a positive or a negative before I even go to bed!! I know how my day went, what I should have eaten and what I should not have. I know how hard my workout was or, if I didn’t work out, wether or not I was active at all that day. Sometimes I feel like I step on that scale hoping for something magical to happen. A number that says “You totally got away with that hamburger and fries yesterday!!” Does it ever happen? Sometimes…

Most likely when that happens, it’s because of another factor. Such as, dehydration, no dinner, or bloating the day before. I know that if I see a loss after a bad day, it’s not a real number, so why is it still satisfying to me?

All of this lead up to this… Roni has been boycotting a weekly weigh in on her site. She is enjoying the liberation of not being weighed down by “the number on the scale”. I know at this point in my journey that I could not swear off weigh in’s altogether, but I feel like I should maybe cut them down to once a week. Maybe if I don’t weigh myself everyday it will keep me in check not knowing where I am every day.

I do believe that I have talked myself into jumping OFF the scale for the next 6 days!! We’ll see how this works!!


P.S. I am down to 243.2 this week!! Down another 0.8 pounds… I’ll take it!!


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