Will Power Paired With Accountability

Today was the type of day that I struggle with about 4 times a week. This is the type of day where I spend the whole day with fried potatoes everywhere I look. Working at a fast food restaurant is very taxing on my will power!!

When I first went to see my nutritionist, the foods that I was having trouble with were the foods that I was eating every day. Several times a day. I ate a lot of tacos, soft shell tacos, with cheese. I loved the breakfast that we serve at work, so I ate eggs daily. It was very hard for me to learn to eat at work without straying from my plan.

The only thing that kept me sane through the first month of crazy cravings was the fact that I was able to eat the potatoes. This wasn’t a problem at first, because I was losing weight fast enough just by cutting out the gluten. Now I am at a plateau, and I know that the food I eat at work is what is holding me back.

The last 3 weeks have not shown a loss on the scale, and this week is trending that way, too… Today I made a solid effort to eat at least a little bit better, so I can maybe at least have a pound off. I don’t require much change in the number at this point in the game, but it does keep a person moving forward if you do see a move in the right direction. I realize that it’s not a numbers game, it’s about my health, but I really like numbers at this point!!

I made sure that I wasn’t even hungry when I went to work. I ate a big bowl of fruit and yogurt before I left the house, because sometimes I feel too hungry to make it to break time. This is when I binge on potatoes, when I feel like eating is an emergency. Sometimes I really need to tell myself (sometimes even out loud) that “eating is not an emergency!!”

The very first thing I did when I walked in the door, at work this morning, was told my coworkers that I was making a vow to not eat any potatoes all day. I felt like making it public would somehow give me more will power to make it through the day. I guess that is part of the reason that I am giving this blogging thing a whirl!! Needless to say, I MADE IT!! I didn’t have one single potato today!! I did have to have some corn chips and salsa dip to cure a munchie craving I had, but I am ok with that, it wasn’t potatoes.

Sometimes, I feel like all I can handle is just one goal for one day, sometimes even just an hour. Small changes, big results!! I think that every little bit helps and we will see if my efforts show up on the scale in the morning 🙂


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