A Carb-a-rific Weigh-In Wednesday

Another week has come and gone and I am holding steady at 237. Not that I am not happy with that, it’s nearly a 50 pound loss!! That is only about half way to my goal, so I need to get off this plateau. I know exactly what I need to do to make that happen, I just need to figure out a plan that will work for me.


My problem at this point is my carb intake. I know that sounds crazy… How can I possibly be carb indulgent without gluten? I am also not getting as much exercise as I would like. As of right now, the only thing that I have time to change is my carb intake. Once this two-job summer is over in 19 days I can get back on track with a little physical activity. Until then I need to work on a system to keep my carbs down with minimal “effort”.


I know that no matter how I do this, it is going to take some effort. Effort in the sense of will-power I can handle right now. The type of effort I want to steer clear of is carb counting. In the past, I have tried carb counting and it overwhelms me to the point of derailment on my whole program. Looking up every single thing to check the carbs is too much for me right now. I know that if I did it for awhile it would be easy over time. It was tough to look at ingredients in everything I ate when I first went gluten-free, too. Now it’s much easier because I just know what I can and can’t have. Also, you begin to see trends in foods to a point where you can look at a food and say “that probably has gluten” without looking it up. 


There are a couple reason why I feel like carb counting will be harder than going gluten-free. The first is that there are carbs hidden in everything!! I’m just not sure I am ready for that eye opener. Right now it’s always in the back of my mind, but it’s not something I had to worry about until now. The other reason is that this is a choice that I have to make to change the way my body looks, not so much feel. I already feel great, although I know it could get better. Eating gluten would make me feel like crap instantly, so it was a easy choice. Eating carbs would help me lose weight which I feel like I can put off a little longer and I’m not sure why.


As I typed that last paragraph I realized something… Eating all these carbs is making me feel  kind of crappy!! I didn’t realize it until I just put all this on paper. I’m sluggish and tired. Plus, I am freaking starving in between meals. Starving to the point of shaking. One of my favorite bloggers had written one time “eating is not an emergency”. When your blood sugar is out of whack from eating junk, it makes hunger feel like an emergency!! I hate that feeling!! Why can’t these things be the reasons that I side step carbohydrates?


I have been cooking at home more which has been a lost art at our house this summer. I got so tired of eating out though, that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Eating at home has cut some carbs back for me, simply because I am not eating gluten-free french fries every single day. Cooking at home is obviously always the better choice, but I still eat a lot potatoes. Granite they are not fried potatoes, they are still potatoes. It’s hard to get away from them while still trying to cook the foods my husband loves me to cook. 


Any ideas (recipes) on how to control these carb urges would be greatly appreciated!!